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Welcome to the information gateway to environmental technology

If you are looking for best practice examples of environmentally compatible processes made in Germany, are interested in environmental technology research results, or need the contact details of a technology provider, project party, or stakeholder involved in the transfer of environmental technology for support in the development or application of environmentally friendly technologies, you have come to the right place. The Projects & Publications section will provide you with brief outlines of case studies and research projects together with the contact details of the project parties and technology providers involved. Just select the technology that interests you or use our search engine.


A selection of interesting new project descriptions is listed below:

The geothermal plant in the town of Prenzlau, which was reactivated in 1995, was the first one in the world to extract heat from the Earth"s interior by means of a 2.9 km deep drilling hole, without mass transfer. The energy facility supplies 2000 apartments, two schools with gymnasiums and three office buildings. The construction costs were shared between the European Union, the Federal government and the town of Prenzlau.   more...
oftech en 190
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An electroplating company built a mobile treatment unit in which any impurities are eliminated from the solutions at an early stage in the process using special ion exchangers. This saves large quantities of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solution. All of the rinse water is treated in a reverse osmosis filter system and then reintroduced into the water cycle.   more...
A new recuperator in a smelting plant facilitates the utilisation of an additional 14 MW of waste heat. The waste heat is used to generate steam throughout the year for a nearby food company, saving up to 11,000 tons of CO2 per annum.   more...
The gas-fired hot air blower developed for industrial process heating can be used to substitute electrically heated devices. The device is designed to facilitate the controlled mixing of secondary air with exhaust airflows from the porous gas burner, thereby achieving greater efficiency and lower emissions.   more...
Fresnel-Solarkollektoranlage in Sevilla
The Fresnel solar collector system developed under the project generates process heat in areas with a high level of solar radiation. This heat can then be used in industrial production processes or for the operation of absorption refrigeration units.   more...
A flexographic ink was developed for use on food packaging which contains no organic solvents and is also suitable for laminating film. The ink is applied with customised printing plates.   more...
The integrated flow coating technology reduces coating wastage and energy consumption by 90% each compared to conventional wood coating methods. In addition, the quantity of solvents evaporating is almost 80% lower.   more...
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