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Turbinenraum des Biomasseheizkraftwerks Pfaffenhofen
Biomass Combined Heat and Power Station Pfaffenhofen
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This section provides information on project descriptions and publications detailing the best available environmental technology in Germany today. The projects published by Cleaner Production Germany are mainly national case studies on environmental protection which has been integrated into the production process. These projects are sponsored by Germany’s national and regional ministries, Länder-level agencies, or foundations with a governmental mandate. They include, for example, in-depth descriptions of large-scale projects sponsored and verified by Germany’s Environment Ministry (BMU) and Federal Environment Agency (UBA) which demonstrate new ways of avoiding environmental pollution or reducing it significantly. The German Ministry of Education and Research also publishes the results of its research into innovative technologies to protect the environment here.

The section is rounded off by publications (final project reports and research papers) for download and information regarding statutory regulations and specialist events.


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The system developed under the project makes it possible to determine the purification parameters of the target protein quickly and simultaneously. It was possible to reduce the quantities of chemicals and resulting wastewater considerably as against conventional chromatography media.
Keywords:  biotechnology, white biotechnology, biochemistry, membrane More keywords , adsorption, convection, protein
Unseasoned timber has been analysed for strength, growth stresses and factors associated with the anatomy of wood. It has been possible to demonstrate mechanisms for the improvement of load distribution in fibre-reinforced materials. This is a prerequisite for cost-effective and light-weight construction. Expand…
Keywords:  wood, burden sharing, working material, glass fibre More keywords , analysis
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An electroplating company built a mobile treatment unit in which any impurities are eliminated from the solutions at an early stage in the process using special ion exchangers. This saves large quantities of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solution. All of the rinse water is treated in a reverse osmosis filter system and then reintroduced into the water cycle. Expand…
Keywords:  galvanotechnique, galvanizing, rinse water, reverse osmosis More keywords , membrane process, anion exchanger, waste water reduction, water reuse, material life cycle, trivalent chromium, sixvalent chromium, electrolyte, pickling agent
The objective of the Project was the developing of a modular storage system for hazardous materials, especially designed for small- and medium-sized companies. The Project was succesful in all details. With the developed system, costs for planning and construction of a storage system for hazardous materials can be cut down drastically. Expand…
Keywords:  hazardous substance, stocking, major accident prevention, safety engineering More keywords , groundwater protection, soil conservation, fire protection, explosion damage protection, immission control, occupational safety, water pollutant
The carbamate process was further developed once the basic technology had been patented. The results have led to an improvement in both process economy and process ecology. The technology is very well suited to adaptation to existing viscose systems, thus keeping the requirements for capital investment low. Expand…
Keywords:  pulp, environmental impact, environmental consequence, carbon disulfide More keywords , synthesis, carbamate
The advanced cellulose carbamate process represents an environmentally compatible alternative to the traditional viscose process; it is intentionally similar to the latter and thus allows for cost-effective revamping or improvement of the process, as well as for the development of viscose-like products with good prospects for success. Expand…
Keywords:  radical, synthesis, pulp, heavy metal More keywords , waste air
The measurements showed that using lower emission road sweepers can reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM10) in the sweeping process by over 90%. The sweepers also collected over 80% of the test dust and can thus be considered to do their job very efficiently. Expand…
Keywords:  fine dust, particulate matter smaller 10 micro-meter, dust emission, pollution control More keywords , emission control, dust abatement, street cleaning, commercial vehicle
A combination of different membrane technologies is used to treat the circulation water in a new fish farm. The facility produces no wastewater and is energy-efficient.
Keywords:  aquaculture, fish farming, membrane process, membrane filtration More keywords , waste water reduction
The anticorrosion coating developed under the project contains very few organic solvents and is particularly suitable for coating metal surfaces in automotive manufacturing. It is applied in a single layer and hardens at low temperatures.
Keywords:  solvent, lacquer, corrosion protection, coating More keywords , lining, metal, surface treatment, motor vehicle industry
Packaging with an arched structure has a number of advantages over rolled or embossed packaging materials. In comparison to conventional moulded materials, the arched structure provides greater rigidity with significantly reduced material consumption. Similarly, the consumption of resources, waste production and manufacturing costs associated with the production of packaging can be reduced. More detailed information can be found in this German language brochure.
Keywords:  packing material, volume of waste, production costs, resource consumption
2551 information in Technologies
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