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This part of the publication "State of the Art in Waste Water Technology in Various Industries" covers with the structure of a mineral oil refinery, waste water purification in mineral oil refineries, and the evaluation of waste water treatment in mineral oil refineries. The chapter can be downloaded as pdf-File (detail information in German).
Keywords:  industrial effluent, wastewater from trade, waste water treatment, waste water purification More keywords , mineral oil refinery, petrochemical industry, mineral oil industry
Compressed carbon dioxide represents a more environment-friendly substitute medium for textile cleaning. In tests, compressed CO2 has achieved comparable results to tetrachloroethylene, in terms of cleaning properties and us discount viagra overnight delivery textile durability. However, specific dry-cleaning detergents which are suitable for use with CO2 have yet to be developed for some types of soiling. Expand…
Keywords:  solvent, perchloroethylene, purification efficiency, hydrocarbon More keywords , textile
Bio-technological processes for the production of chemicals are usually classified as more eco-friendly than conventional chemical-technological processes. This study examines basic and refined chemicals which are produced on a large scale with chemical-technological procedures. At the example of acetone/butanol, propane-1,3-diol, vitamin C and adipic acid ecological, economical and canadian pharmacy cialis legal aspects of the application of bio-technological procedures as well as their restraints are determined. Further, the report contains indications for the performance of publically promoted demonstation procedures (detail information in German). Expand…
Keywords:  biotechnology, chemical raw material, chemical, production technique More keywords , drug, dye, procedure comparison, substitutability, environmental compatibility, residue recycling, chemical industry
Sulphonic acids from wastewaters discharged by the chemical industry may cause problems in the preparation of drinking water from bank filtrate. Investigations have shown that, in the presence of natural organic water constituents, the capacity of activated carbon for multiple sulphonated compounds is inhibited. In consequence, the early penetration of these compounds may be anticipated under actual filtration conditions. Expand…
Keywords:  adsorption, sulfonic acids, process technology, activated carbon More keywords , drinking water treatment
The cellulose-carbamate process has been used for the development of a spinning technique which is capable of competing with the conventional viscose process. Since no toxic substances are involved and viagra no rx the chemicals used are recirculated, this technique renders end-of-the-pipe technologies superfluous. Expand…
Keywords:  textile industry, viscose, heavy metal, chemical More keywords , cellulose
This document provides information on various aspects of sustainable chemistry as seen by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), and on fields of action and buying real viagra without prescription approaches towards achieving the aims of sustainable chemistry in Germany and viagra generic canada throughout the world.
Keywords:  sustainable chemistry, chemical, global aspect
Through the judicious selection of process parameters, the combined processing of short petroleum residue and order viagra online plastic will generate synergistic effects resulting in the improvement of oil output and order cialis us the minimisation of residues, thereby facilitating the material recycling of oil residues and viagra prescriptions plastic wastes. Expand…
Keywords:  plastic waste, reaction mechanism, process technology, residue More keywords , waste oil
The report describes the “t3i” method, and the “euromat 98” tool based upon this method. They are used for the rapid and reliable identification of material solutions for new products. The resulting selection procedure incorporates the entire scope of potential materials, thereby allowing the use of new material combinations. Expand…
Keywords:  sandwich material, working material, material savings, economic viability More keywords , innovation
UN25 2014-01-31
Faced with a shortage of fossil resources, carbon dioxide may change from being a "problem substance" to become a valuable resource. The publication illustrates the potential of CO2 to cover the chemical industry's demand for carbon. Also, CO2 can be employed as an energy store. At the same time, research is conducted as to how the chemical industry's greenhouse gas emissions may be curbed by increasing energy efficiency and the use of functional solvents.

Keywords:  Kohlendioxid, Industrie, Rohstoff, Wertstoff More keywords , Klimaschutz
The causal relations between the additives used and the quality of labelling achieved were determined by means of a systematic scientific investigation of plastics that had been labelled using a laser. A method for the rapid evaluation and screening of laser additives for plastics was also developed. Expand…
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