Renewable Energies

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The major characteristic of a renewable energy is the basic inexhaustibility of the energy source. While fossil and nuclear fuels are only finitely exploitable, the sun will continue to provide the Earth with energy in the form of solar radiation for another 5 billion years. 

The energy which can be obtained from renewable energy sources is sufficient to meet the world's current energy requirements three times over.
If the natural environment and the people who live in it are to be protected, a significant proportion of energy required in the medium to long term must be provided by renewable energies. Germany is focusing here on the sun (used for solar heat and solar power), wind, water, geothermal energy and biomass.

Renewable Energies currently meet around 3 % of Germany's primary energy needs and provide over 8 % of its electricity. German companies and research institutes are among the foremost in the world in many technical areas in the field of renewable energies. As an example, Germany is the leading export nation of wind farm technology. In no country on Earth are there as many wind farms as there are in Germany - one third of the world's wind energy is currently produced here.

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Feldtestanlage: Aufdachmontage der Kollektoren in Stetten, Bodensee
The system developed under the project combines an innovative hybrid collector with a heat pump, a latent storage unit and a combination stratified storage system. It saves more than 50% in primary energy and makes carbon-neutral heating possible.
Keywords:  primary energy consumption, solar energy plant, solar power, solar energy More keywords , solar energy use, heating, heat pump
The project participants developed absorber tubes for solar power towers. The optimization of materials used in absorber tubes is vital for further advancing the use of solar energy on a large scale. The project participants developed prototypes of such tubes and tested them in a test rig. Expand…
Keywords:  solar power, solar energy, material savings, tower fucus collectors More keywords , solar receiver, heat-pipe receiver
Algae can be used for the biochemical separation of CO2 from digester gases. They convert CO2 into biomass and oxygen, thus enhancing the concentration of methane in the digester gas. The biomass can again be re-used to obtain biogas, thereby increasing the gas yield. The process is essentially relevant for gases with similar composition. Expand…
Keywords:  biogas, methane, microalgae, sludge More keywords , sewage sludge, digestion
The close-to-production prototype developed under the project makes specific use of the principles of physics to reduce “reverse thermosyphoning” and therefore requires no additional valves to monitor flow direction.
Keywords:  thermal solar plants, solar energy technology
Mehr Durchblick durch Antireflexbeschichtung. Der untere Teil der Glasscheibe ist mit dem neuen Verfahren entspiegelt, dem oberen Streifen fehlt die Beschichtung.
Goal of a project supported by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology is to develop a suitable coating method for solar application. The companies Merck, Flabeg and the Fraunhofer-Institut for silicate research and solar energy systems are project partners. The newly developed anti reflection layer improves the light transmission of the non-reflection glass and enlarges the energy efficiency of thermal solar energy use up to 15%.
Keywords:  solar module, glass, coating, lining More keywords , reflection, light radiation, increasing efficiency, energy efficiency, solar energy use
In a cooperating aminal husbandry and market fruit enterprise of the ecological agriculture fermentation gas is won by the application of a plant for the common fermentation of solid muck, liquid manure and clover. The nitrogen bound in the clover is utilized and circulated. With the planned biological gas facility the emissions are reduced by one ton ammonia and 20 t methane per year. Expand…
Keywords:  biogas plant, agriculture, farming, organic farming More keywords , biogas, nitrogen, methane, ammonia, pollution control, emission control, renewable energy, biomass, bioenergy
The results of the study demonstrate that from a climate perspective, low sulphur fossil fuels and biofuels offer a viable alternative to heavy fuel oil with a high sulphur content used in large diesel engines. No technical adjustments to the engines are required for biofuels. However the cultivation of the biomass must be sustainable so as to achieve positive climate impacts. Expand…
Keywords:  large diesel engine, emission, biofuel, propulsion technique More keywords , vehicle
UN04 2012-08-01
In order to fulfil the 40 % reduction of CO2 emissions and the doubling of energy productivity laid out in the climate protection goals, BMBF brought together research and application-oriented approaches within the “Basic Research 2020+” funding programme. The projects funded focused primarily on increased energy efficiency, CO2 storage, fusion research and the development of renewable energy.
Keywords:  CO2-Abscheidung und -Speicherung, Energieeffizienz, Klimaschutz
innovationsmotor grundlagenforschung
The publication provides information on how the use of major-scale scientific equipment (such as particle accelerators or telescope mirrors) drives developments in technology and medicine. It includes examples of how advanced development of organic solar cells or direct-current conductors for wind-generated electricity are made possible through such major-scale research plants in the first place.

The geo-information system developed by the project facilitates close-to-reality evaluation of the climate protection potential provided by biogas feeding to the natural gas grid. The project also derived measurements for the activation thereof. Through feeding of biogas, the available biomass can be decoupled from the energy demand and a large proportion of the biomass potential can be tapped in a climate-friendly manner. Expand…
Keywords:  energy supply, biogas, biomass, geographic information system More keywords , semi-liquid manure
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