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This section provides information and contact details for important governmental institutions, interest groups and research institutes in Germany whose activities make a significant impact on the development and application of environmental technologies.

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By agreement with the German Federal Government, DIN is the acknowledged national standards body that represents German interests in European and international standards organizations.
Keywords:  standardization, standardisation, technical standardization, DIN-standard
TZW: DVGW-Technologiezentrum Wasser - the German Water Centre – is part of DVGW e.V. , the German Gas and Waterworks Association. Based on comprehensive research activities and practical experiences TZW develops solutions for all areas of national and international water management issues from resource protection via water abstraction and treatment to distribution up to consumers’ tap.
Keywords:  water management, water catchment, water treatment, resource conservation More keywords
The DLI offers an overview over the lacquer industry in Germany and numerous free brochures and leaflets about the subject of lacquer, among others for ecological paints and lacquer techniques. Moreover, links to important national and international institutions (industry and specialized professional associations, research institutes, and technical colleges) are offered as well.
Keywords:  dyestuff industry, paint shop, printing work, printing ink More keywords
The Effizienz-Agentur NRW – abbreviated as EFA – is the centre for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The objectives of their work are comprehensive strategic and technical improvements concerning the sustainable economy -through new strategies, innovative technology and ecologically-oriented measures.
Keywords:  resource efficiency, material savings, integrated environmental protection technology, material flow analysis More keywords
The Energy Agency Mittelfranken was founded by eight power utility companies of the Mittelfranken region as a joint enterprise. The goal of this agency is to help reduce specific energy consumption and thus achieve an ecological handling of all types of energy. To this end, the agency develops energy concepts for communities, consults industry and trade, initiates sample projects up to and including contracts, assists with promotion measures, and conducts training sessions. The agency operates the "Energy Agency Information Exchange" where current technological developments for saving energy are offered.
Keywords:  energy conservation, energy policy, contracting, utility undertaking More keywords
ESA is a joint agency of the federal state and the utilities of Saxony-Anhalt. ESA’s duties encompass the following areas: Mobilizing energy savings potentials, supporting efficient energy applications, and supporting the use of regenerative energies.
Keywords:  energy conservation, electricity supply industry, renewable energy, environmental protection advice
The Energy Agency offers assistance for realizing and implementing task-oriented strategies and measures to explore and exhaust important energy savings potentials. Its primary focus, among others, is on the market opening projects for efficient energy technologies as well as strategies to implement climate-protecting measures. The Energy Agency also has a coordinating function between the power industry, public and private, as well as commercial energy and power users and the energy policy of the state. (Further information in German)
Keywords:  energy conservation, renewable energy, energy policy, energy management More keywords
The Energy Research Centre of Niedersachsen (Energie-Forschungszentrum Niedersachsen) located in the German Lower-Saxon city of Goslar is a scientific institution of the Clausthal University of Technology in cooperation with the Universities of Braunschweig, Göttingen, Hannover and Oldenburg. Its focus lies on issues pertaining to the entire energy-generation and energy-utilisation chain from the raw-material source to disposal.
Keywords:  energy production, energy recovery, energy utilisation, research establishment
The NRW Energy Agency was founded by the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Economy and Middle-Class, Technology and Transport. THE NRW Energy Agency focuses on providing information and procuring demand-oriented and comprehensive help and assistance concerning efficient energy applications and uses as well as the utilization of inexhaustible energy sources. Small and medium-sized companies as well as towns and municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia are the target group of the agency. The NRW Energy Agency is a non-commercial enterprise and offers its consulting services free of charge.
Keywords:  energy conservation, small and medium-sized enterprises, local territorial authority, environmental protection advice
Founded in Germany in 1993 as IBAW, European Bioplastics today represents the interests of over 75 member companies throughout the European Union. With members from the agricultural feedstock, chemical and plastics industries, as well as industrial users and recycling companies, European Bioplastics serves as both a contact platform and catalyst for advancing the aims of the growing bioplastics industry.
Keywords:  biodegradable plastic, biodegradable construction material, industrial association
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