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Turbine maintenance in a wind tunnel
Turbines in a wind tunnel
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This section lists German companies with marketable technologies and products which have been used in state-sponsored projects.


Other providers of environmental technology can be found in UMFIS, the environmental company database maintained by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and in the company directory of the web portal GreenTech made in Germany published by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB).



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ALD is a provider of vacuum applications and vacuum process technology in the fields of vacuum metallurgy and vacuum heat treatment. As part of a demonstration project, the company developed a vacuum arc furnace for an investment casting foundry. (s. CPG Project: Energy and material-efficient production of large structural titanium parts using titanium investment casting)
AMB manufactures plants and machines for the waste and waste disposal industry. The company designed a mechanical biological plant for the treatment of residual waste using wet fermentation and subsequent wet air oxidation. This was erected on a landfill site in a demonstration project. (s. CPG Project: Use of wet fermentation and wet oxidation in a mechanical biological treatment plant (MBT))
The association of German refrigeration and air conditioning technologies specialist firms offers a database about German companies from this line of business. The search is possible for postcode or name of the company. Another possibility is to search for a specialization as commercialand industrial or transport refrigeration.
Alpha-InnoTec is a German supplier of heat pumps. Alpha-InnoTec ist ein deutscher Anbieter von Wärmepumpen. Im Rahmen eines Demonstrationsvorhabens wurde zur Beheizung eines Gewerbegebäudes eine Wasser-Wasser-Wärmepumpe der Firma Alpha-InnoTec eingesetzt. (s. CPG-Projekt: Ökologisch optimierte Wärme- und Kälteerzeugung für den gewerblichen Bereich)
Aucos is a provider of automation engineering services, guidance systems and control technologies. As part of a demonstration project, the company took responsibility for the planning and design of the control management processes of the overall system (incl. path-time charts) and the implementation and documentation of the control units. (s. CPG Project: Resource eficient Zn/Ni electroplating process)
Böhringer Ingelheim microParts GmbH, a subsidiary of Böhringer Ingelheim, manufactures inhalers consisting of microstructured pumps and nozzles at their Dortmund site. These microstructured nozzles were used in a project to demonstrate a new process of dry gluing fibreboards, and the patent applied for under the title of “Spray nozzle for an aerosol container” (No. DE10343672A1). The nozzles create a very fine mist which settles on the surface of small particles in a most effective and economical way. (s. CPG Project: Dry gluing as an environmentally friendly procedure for the production of fibreboard)
Tognum subsidiary CFC Solutions GmbH in Ottobrunn (Bavaria) manufactures high-temperature fuel cells for use in co-generation and tri-generation. The company specialises in molten carbonate fuel cells. Fuel cells of this type (hot module) were used in a pilot project in a local biogas plant in Leonberg. (s. CPG Project: Use of a molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) in a municipal biogas facility)
COVENTYA develops and supplies engineered chemicals for use in electroplating and surface technology, and in water treatment processes. As part of a demonstration project, COVENTYA supplied the application chemicals and the zinc-nickel membrane system (PERFORMA 285 PMS) used in a barrel plating unit. (s. CPG Project: Resource eficient Zn/Ni electroplating process)
Die Technikschmiede Maschinenbau GmbH entwickelt Sortiermaschinen für Schlacken, Schreddergut, Metalle und andere Schüttgüter. Im Rahmen eines Demonstrationsvorhabens lieferte sie die Technik für eine Kompaktsortieranlage, mit der Metalle aus metallhaltigem Schredderschrott zurück gewonnen werden. (s. CPG-Projekt: Einsatz einer Kompaktsortieranlage zur Metallausschleusung bei Schredderleichtfraktionen)
Dipl. Ing. Herwig GmbH is a supplier of degreasing agents, fluxes, inhibitors, zinc alloys, and zinc purifiers mainly for use in the hot-dip galvanizing industry. The company developed a flux recycling system (Fluxomat) and the “Hegaflux Ferrokill” flux, which were used in a demonstration project as environmentally friendly components of flux treatment. (s. CPG Project: Reduction of zinc consumption in the hot-dip galvanizing process)
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