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Combined Heat and Power Generation (CHP)

A combined heat and power (CHP) plant is a technical system which provides both electricity and heat, thereby making an important contribution to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions because of its much higher degree of efficiency. Depending on the demand, electricity and heat can be produced at variable ratios.

The German CHP Law, which came into force in 2002, further subsidises the environmentally compatible conversion of energy in CHP plants, providing particular support to smaller plants with a grant, the size of which depends on how old the plant is and how far it has been modernised.
The trend towards a decentralised provision of energy is supported by such CHP technologies as cogeneration plants, fuel cells and Stirling motors. The smaller combined heat and power plants (micro CHP plants), which enjoy special privileges under the new CHP Law, will be of particular importance in realising the model of a virtual power station with a large number of decentralised micro CHP plants.
The CHP technologies are of further significance as a link between today's fossil power industry and the hydrogen industry of the future. Micro CHP plants could then be supplied with hydrogen decentrally through gas pipe lines.

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Tognum subsidiary CFC Solutions GmbH in Ottobrunn (Bavaria) manufactures high-temperature fuel cells for use in co-generation and tri-generation. The company specialises in molten carbonate fuel cells. Fuel cells of this type (hot module) were used in a pilot project in a local biogas plant in Leonberg. (s. CPG Project: Use of a molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) in a municipal biogas facility)
1 Results in Combined Heat and Power Generation (CHP)
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