About us

Cleaner Production Germany (CPG) is the information portal for environmental technologies from Germany.

For more than a decade CPG has established itself as a major German contributor to environmental technology transfer.

Cleaner Production Germany is aimed at scientists, engineers, consultants, local government decision makers and other representatives of public authorities. It is likewise intended for interested staff members in companies, environmental agencies and NGOs, in fact for everyone with questions about environmental technology.

The German Environment Agency (UBA), the central German environmental agency, is the publisher. UBA, a non-profit agency, is the central port of call for environmental questions from home and abroad.

The centrepiece of CPG are more than 3,000 publications on research findings and best practice examples on the topic “Environmental technologies – Made in Germany”. They describe publicly funded innovative technologies which are deemed to be eligible for funding. Hence, the quality of the information provided has already been independently verified.

The broad spectrum of CPG topics ranges from waste management over air pollution control and sustainable mobility to climate protection. Technologies and strategies are identified which lead, amongst other things, to material and energy savings and reduce environmental pollution from the very outset.

Besides these best practice examples, CPG also provides information on various support schemes and contains details of technology providers and contact persons.

There are regular postings of newsletters, films and 3D animations in German and English on CPG which explain innovative technologies in an easily intelligible manner.