Clean-Air Technology

Circulation of process water in textile dyeing – emission control system

The recording and control system for emissions produced in textile finishing developed by the project supports identification of an operation's environmental problems and improvement of its ecological balance. A component integrated into the software facilitates efficient energy management.


The textile industry knows several thousand textile aids for finishing. The type of finishing and thus the composition of the employed recipes can change several times daily. Due to the diversity of emission sources, the selection of low-emission aids/preparations plays a significant part in the textile industry. To control these process input and output mass flows, implementation of a recording and control system is required.
While the collaborative project develops processes for purification and circulation of process fluids, this sub-project's explicit aim is to integrate a corresponding control software in such a manner as to facilitate tracking, control and documentation of all input and output substances.
This is demonstrated by means of control/regulation of an extract air purifier for a stentering frame and of a waste water drainage valve on dyeing machines.

  • The integration into OrgaTEX (production management system for textile finishing) produces a software system for continuous emission monitoring without measurement efforts. Further, the emission situation can be predicted, monitored in real time and determined in retrospect with sufficient precision.
  • Visualisation of eco-data as early as the planning stage helps to avoid exceeding emission limit values.
  • Based on the declaration of substance emission factors for textile aids, the emissions expected to be produced by the recipes employed are calculated.
  • The software allows drafting of emission reports (e.g. for submission to authorities).
  • The developed "Plant Navigator" facilitates an energy management that assists in avoiding expensive energy peaks and in complying with statutory exhaust management requirements.

Project Participants

Implementing Institution

SETEX Schermuly textile computer GmbH

More Project Informations

Project title: Verbundprojekt: Integrative Prozessoptimierung durch photokatalytische Reinigung von Produktionsfluiden bei der Textilverarbeitung - InproTex, TV 5

Project number: 0330677E

Project period: 2005 - 2008

Project region: Germany (Hesse)

Project contact:

Herr Dr. Becker
+49 (0)6476 / 91470

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)