Solar power

Continuous contact cooling in the rolled-glass process

Optimisation of safety glass production offers great opportunities for the solar power industry. A sustainable and economic process for rolled glass can substantially reduce the costs of glass production. The project partners envision continuous contact cooling to improve the energy efficiency of the manufacturing process.


The project participants aim to make the rolled-glass process more efficacious and economic. To this end, they develop contact cooling for thin plate glass. The safety glass produced is employed primarily in the photovoltaics industry. Here, the module price could be reduced significantly through a cut in glass production costs.
Usually for conventional safety glass production, the panes are continuously moved into an air cooling stream. Using this as an example, the contact cooling process was also designed to be continuous. Based on a simulation model, detailed calculations were performed which facilitate optimisation of low-stress cooling. Using the mathematical model allows, among other things, improvement of the cooling time and energy consumption.


  • One pair of rollers acts as the cooling unit. The dimensioning technically allows the glass to be cooled to be of endless length.
  • The cooling roller's design is based on an extensive mathematical model.
  • Due to disruptions to process operation, the trial plant was equipped with cooling plates instead of rollers.
  • Unfortunately, the new process allowed only panes of limited size to be produced. The primary goal of producing a 2-mm thick tempered glass using a continuous process was not achieved.
  • The results obtained regarding thermal prestressing can also be applied to other fields of glass production.

More Project Information

Project title: Verbundvorhaben Klimaschutz: Kontinuierliche Kontaktkühlung im Walzglasprozess

Project number: 01LY1018A-C

Project period: 2010 - 2012

Project region: Germany (Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia)

Project contact::

Herr Dipl.-Ing. Kilian

Herr Dr. Henfling
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+49 (0) 3677 84880
+49 (0) 3677 848848

Herr Dipl.-Ing. Börner
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+49 (0) 3731 - 39 3936

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)