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SAFIRA: Reactive transport in technical reactors

Use of the modelling tool SMART, which was employed for this project and has been further developed, can help in reducing the costs associated with the decontamination processes. The data on reactive transport in technical reactors obtained at the former chemical plant site in Bitterfeld are applicable to other sites. 



Mathematical models of pollutant transport in reactors can provide a decision-making aid when designing the operation of purification reactors and their components relative to specific parameters. The aim of this project, conducted as part of the SAFIRA project, was to obtain information on the potential efficiency of a new reactor technology that was to be tested. Prognostic data were also required on the potential lifespans of various reactor components under the specific in situ conditions and on the efficiency of various reactor techniques.The multicompartment transport modelling tool SMART (flow tube model of advective and reactive transport) was employed and was further developed.



  • The modelling tool SMART, used and further developed during the project, can be employed for the planning and for the optimisation of the operation of in situ reactors. It can provide an important contribution towards lowering the costs of decontamination measures, and will be available for use in practice on completion of the project.
  • The modelling applications described demonstrate the range of practical uses of the modelling tool in improving the understanding of processes and aiding the interpretation of data. It can also be used to predict contaminant concentrations in the outflow from reactor systems.
  • The information obtained with respect to reactive transport in technical reactors can also be readily applied to reactors in operation at other sites.

Project Participants

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Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Institute for Geoscience

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Project titel: SAFIRA: Reactive transport in technical reactors

Project number: 02WT9945/2

Project period: 1999 - 2002

Projektort: Germany(Baden-Württemberg)

Project contact:

Herr Prof. Dr. Liedl

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)