Image processing system for the reduction in amounts of plastic used in the production of plastic bottles

The overall system as developed influences the quality of blown bottles through various parameters and is controlled by the results of the image processing system. Hence, a closed control loop system has been created which allows the reduction of the amount of plastic required per bottle.


Large quantities of plastic containers are produced in Germany using the extrusion and stretch blowing processes. They are then filled for commercial purposes with, for example, drinks, bodycare, textile care and household products, foodstuffs, oil and other products.
If it is possible to reduce the amount of plastic used per container - whilst maintaining the other characteristics of the bottle - ecologically and economically relevant savings effects could be achieved through reduction of the use of petroleum-based raw materials, processing energy and transport.
Within the framework of a joint project, these savings were to be achieved by means of development of a closed loop control system that covered blowing machine settings and the quality of the bottles produced. It was the aim of this project to produce the image processing system which registers the quality parameters and communicates with the control computer.


  • Calculations and experiments showed that a considerable quantity of light is required so that a short exposure time can be achieved during shutter opening to ensure that there is no blurring of images due to movement. Highly efficient lighting units were used for this with a total output of almost 500 watts, the output of which is concentrated on the relevant areas by means of optical mirrors.
  • The image processing system can be simply installed and the control requires no input by the machine operator. This means that the system can be used by plastics manufacturers at practically all production sites.

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Intravis GmbH

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Project title: Reductions in amounts of plastic used in the production of plastic bottles using a closed loop quality control system: image processing system

Project number: 0330428

Project period: 2002 - 2004

Project region: Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)