Energy-Management for Buildings

Development of a software framework to compile, analyse, control, visualise and reduce the energy consumption of buildings

The building automation server developed in the project enables the measurement and analysis of power consumption in a building, in terms of its utilisation, by controlling it through a device control and by visualising it. This can result in a significant reduction of energy consumption in buildings.



Building automation systems are nowadays primarily used for providing comfort and safety. However, they can also make a significant contribution in reducing energy consumption for various building operations. The objective of "KEHL" (Controlled Energy Households Solution) joint project was to develop a user-friendly software framework, which takes into account differences in technical infrastructure in buildings. The energy supply system can be modelled differentially as per the requirement of the given infrastructure, and it should provide the user an overview of his energy consumption, depending on the current utilisation (holiday, working week etc.). Visualising the energy-user and his location in the building can help detect critical points in energy supply systems, and in user behaviour. This will further help in achieving significant energy savings.


  • Data on energy consumption can be compiled through the developed data and aggregation module. Mass data from different sources (Excel, Text, csf, dbf, XML) can be imported in the database using an import-engine.
  • The KEHL- Home Gateway combines the data from the building automation system gateway through a web-service interface. After further processing the data, an automatic control of the device is possible.
  • The model also represents passive elements of the household, e.g. architectural elements.
  • For compiling the data, the "digitalSTROM" technology is most suitable due to its high accuracy-level. The cost of this port is approximately 3€, and requires low internal power consumption. It can be installed not only in new constructions, but also in the course of renovations.
  • The licence fee for using the software framework will cost 150€/year.

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Actimage consulting SAS

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Project title:  KMU-innovativ - Verbundvorhaben Klimaschutz: Kontrollierte Energie-Haushalts-Lösungen (KEHL), Teilprojekt 1: Entwicklung eines Softwareframeworks zur Konfiguration und Modellierung der Energieversorgung sowie Erfassung und Analyse des Energieverbrauchs in Haushalten

Project number:  01LY0823A,B

Project period:  2009 - 2010

Project region:  Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Project contact:

Herr Dr. Lott

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)