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Development of a logistical model for the implementation of integrated environmental protection in the timber industry

On the basis of a product platform for modular prefabricated timber housing, the logistical optimisation of timber processing operations has been undertaken, from prefabrication at the saw mill through to the construction site itself. In this way, customers are supplied with an individual product, while production costs are reduced at the same time through standardisation. 


On the grounds of the ecological advantages of timber as a construction material and its outstanding properties, in terms of the management of the material cycle and deconstruction, it is aimed for increasing the sales of prefabricated timber housing, while reducing production costs at the same time. Since this sector consists of small- and medium-sized undertakings, the main problems arising are associated with outdated organisational and logistical structures.

In consequence, this project involved the development of a comprehensive concept for products and logistics.


  • A product platform has been developed for timber housing, modelled on the platform concepts used in the automobile industry;
  • Organisation by product type has been logically incorporated into the system of operational logistics;
  • Production in response to orders is controlled by a system in which clearance for orders is governed by available capacity;
  • A software has been developed for the design of the production layout on the basis of factors associated with the management of material flows, together with an overall model for the simulation of logistics which incorporates a detailed model of the production sector.

The application of the platform concept has generated the following potential for savings in the model business considered:

  • Using the same resources, it has been possible to increase production throughput by up to 15%.
  • Through the production system applied, the turnaround time for orders has been reduced by up to 25%.

More Project Informations

Project title:  Development of a logistical model for the implementation of integrated environmental protection in the timber industry

Project number:  0339836/6

Project period:  1999 - 2001

Project region:  Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Project contact:

Herr Dipl.-Ing. Bräuning

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)