Development of kernel algorithms for the optimised utilisation of materials during stainless steel manufacture

Basic success was achieved in developing a method of generating cutting outlines online at the end of the production chain for stainless steel products and implementing it into the ongoing production process. This system uses information supplied by automatic surface inspection systems and leads to improved utilisation of materials. 



The production of top-quality steel (like for example stainless steel sheet for sinks, cooking pots, appliance faceplates etc.) has high energy demands and is associated with environmental pollution from emissions and waste. Besides the actual advantages derived from process optimisation, the method with its enhanced utilisation of the material produced allows environmental protection to be integrated into the production process.

The aim of the project was to develop a system prototype that would allow continuous production of stainless steel sheet products to be optimally allocated across customer orders. In concrete terms, this means adhering to the various quality requirements from customers and minimising the cut-off waste that occurs during the surface allocation of the metal sheets.


  • Unlike traditional methods of cut-off waste reduction, close attention was paid to the fact that surface quality is not constant across the surfaces to be cut, but can vary according to the exact position and size of the subareas. Online cutting outlines were generated to allow this information to be integrated into the allocation process of customer orders. It was possible, in individual cases, to demonstrate an increase in output. This derived from the qualitative improvements made in material allocation supported by IT.
  • Results to date represent an excellent basis for further developments on this topic, particularly with regard to the specification characteristics that were identified, the use of kernel algorithms and the use of analytical tools for facilitating an optimal allocation based on quality criteria

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Project title:  Production integrated environmental protection via optimised utilisation of materials during stainless steel manufacture: development of kernel algorithms (Part 1)

Project number:  01RW0170, 01RW0171

Project period:  01.03.2002 - 28.02.2005

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)