Durable agricultural films with chemical resistance - implementation in technical centre scale

The content of the project is technical implementation of the basic findings from the partners in terms of the use of additives and stabilisers in agricultural films. Although upscaling from a laboratory to technical centre scale does not succeed in immobilising the additives, the methods developed and technically implemented allow processing of very complex, state of the art master batch systems. 


Greenhouse films are used in modern agriculture for cultivation of crops. However, as they can only be used for two years due to the rapid war, every hectare of covered ground produces two ton of waste film. As a result of this, and the associated inefficient use of crude oil-based material, the aim is to extend the film service life to three or more years. In the collaborative project, the polymer films are produced with appropriate additives and stabilisers. This subproject is designed to implement the partners' findings in a technically feasible process for blown film production. In addition to production of sample films, this includes optimisation of the process parameters after evaluation of the tests.


  • The methods developed could be technically implemented and are capable of processing very complex state of the art master batch systems.
  • No significant influence on film quality (look, film structure, thickness tolerances) was identified by adding the different additives.
  • Despite the different additives, the comprehensive new measuring and control technology enabled a constant bubble stability to be achieved.
  • The feed rate of the extruders increased significantly at high additive dosing levels.
  • The test results show that the different additives do not result in any significant differences in the film run with inserted end folding.
  • A detailed data acquisition concept created ("measuring box") supplements conventional data acquisition on the system in some key details.
  • Subsequent tests on the chemical and physical property profiles of the new film by partners did not achieved the desired success.


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Project title:  Verbundprojekt: Entwicklung eines modularen Masterbatch-Systems sowie einer neuartigen Folienarchitektur zur Herstellung langlebiger Agrarfolien mit verbesserter Resistenz gegenüber Agrarchemikalien - Teilvorhaben 3

Project number:  01RC0203

Project period:  2002 - 2006

Project region:  Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Project contact:

Herr Holighaus

+49 (0)2241 / 481-623

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)