Enameling Technology

Deutsches Lackinstitut GmbH (DLI)

The DLI offers an overview over the lacquer industry in Germany and numerous free brochures and leaflets about the subject of lacquer, among others for ecological paints and lacquer techniques. Moreover, links to important national and international institutions (industry and specialized professional associations, research institutes, and technical colleges) are offered as well.

German Research Institute for Surface Treatment (DFO)

The DFO is an organisation specialised on industrial varnishing in Germany. It aims to promote technological and application-technological joint research and its application in praxis. Thus, the DFO cooperates with universities, colleges, technical colleges and other well-known institutes. It concentrates on the reduction of costs in varnishing processes, quality assurance and process improvement, environmental protection, raw material and energy saving, automation, test engineering as well as education and training.

Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF)

The Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF) conducts application-oriented, fundamental research in the four areas "Functional nanostructured interfaces and polymer systems", "Biology-inspired interface and material design", "Polymer networks: Structure, theory, and application" and "Process-controlled structure formation in polymer materials".  The IPF deals not only with the synthesis of polymeric materials, but also covers modification, characterization, processing and testing. The Leibniz Institute receives the basic financing from the federal government and the federal states of Germany.