Hot-dip Galvanizing

Preventing waste by using a new pretreatment method in galvanizing plants for the galvanization of parts

A separate acid management instituted in the new plant results in pure iron or zinc containing spent pickle liquors, which can be further utilized as raw materials. A dynamic cleaning process was used to lower the hydrochloric acid concentration during the degreasing and in the pickle bath. This resulted in low entrainment rates in subsequent baths as well as lower chloric acid emissions (HCI). The waste gas from the pickling and galvanizing baths are collected and purified. The powdery emissions within the purified waste gas reach only 1/25 of the permissible upper limit of 10 mg/m³; the values are even lower than the detection limit of 0,0002 mg/m³ for cadmium (detail information in German).

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Source: Environmental library of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA)