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Insulating materials of wood:The production of insulating material from chippings resulting from industrial planing processes

A trial device was created and tested on the basis of the results of investigations to establish the optimum device parameters. The device can be used to process chippings resulting from industrial planing processes to produce insulating material, while also the surface area quality of the processed components.


Wood chippings, a waste product of planing and cutting procedures, have been mainly used for energy purposes to date. Their use as insulating material for energy conservation in buildings is desirable from an environmental point of view, as wood is a renewable carbon dioxide-neutral raw material.

As part of a collaborative venture, research was undertaken to see to what extent the possibility of using chippings as a loose insulating material was realisable. In this subproject, the basic principles of chip formation from conventional wood shaping procedures were investigated. The main aim was to optimise the process of planing to such an extent that plane chippings created from the processing of wood can be directly used as insulating material. Those parameters influencing the chip and plane quality (tool and component parameters, machine setting parameters) were investigated, while the process of chip collection was optimised, and compression tests were carried out.


  • Optimal ranges of the main tool and component parameters were identified that provided for improved volume stability (settlement characteristics) and surface quality. These included: cutting and tool dimensions, cutting angle, moisture content, type of wood and machine setting parameters, such as the speed of cutting, chip thickness and the setting angle.
  • Chip material produced using the trial tool showed no settlement tendency. In a short term test run, volume stability with an end thickness of 44.08 kg/m³ was achieved. When a conventional peripheral milling cutter is used, this is in the range 67 - 59 kg/m³.

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Project title:  Insulating materials of wood:The production of insulating material from chippings resulting from industrial planing processes

Project number:  0330054

Project period:  2001 - 2002

Project region:  Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Project contact:

Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tröger

0049 711 685-84192

0049 711 685-84193

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)