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Insulation materials from wood shavings and wood fibres – scientific and technical parameters

The project partners developed basic scientific and technical parameters for promoting the use of insulation materials made of wood shavings and fibres. The results do not merely highlight the ecological advantages of various types of wood chips but also, for the first time, validate their performance characteristics. Loose-fill wood insulation products exhibit a positive energy balance over their entire life cycle. 



Heat insulation materials are used to lower the transmission of heat energy in buildings to shield them against cooling or heating, depending on the time of year. Apart from conventional insulation materials, there are also materials made from renewable resources that offer economic, ecological and hygrothermal advantages for building applications. Wood insulation products that fall in this category source their raw materials from the by-products of the woodworking and wood processing industries.

The objective of the project was to develop basic scientific and technical parameters for promoting the use of insulation materials made from wood shavings and fibres. A key first step towards the use of loose wood insulation as a construction product was the characterization of the relevant raw materials. A further step was to develop the technologies required for transportation, conditioning and processing. The development and optimization of product lines was based on an end-to-end concept, i.e. from the raw material source to the final installed insulation product. The results were evaluated in an ecological balance sheet.


  • The project was able to fully achieve its objective.
  • Data on performance characteristics and on technical and ecological benefits are now available for the range of wood chips.
  • The solutions that were developed and subsequently further enhanced are currently undergoing continuous operation testing.
  • Two solutions were developed for installation of the material: mechanical filling during prefabrication of wood panel sections on a large scale, and a technology for blowing in loose wood insulation materials by smaller companies and filling at the construction site.
  • Defined and optimized cutting geometries facilitated a higher yield of suitable chips. The surface of the workpiece is not impaired by the changes in chip formation.
  • All the tested types of chips offer ecological benefits. Fibre materials are less suitable due to the relatively high amount of energy required for pulping.

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Project title:  Verbundprojekt: Produktion loser Dämmstoffe aus Holzspänen und -fasern als höherwertige stoffliche Nutzung von Industrierestholz und Schwachholz (Kurztitel: Lose Dämmstoffe aus Holzspänen und Holzfasern) - Teilthema: Projektkoordination und Projektleitung

Project number:  0330047

Project period:  2001 - 2004

Project region:  Germany (Bavaria)

Project contact:

Herr Woest

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)