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Consistent data transfer to minimise consumption of resources (Part 3)

This model is used to control the materials, energy and logistics requirements for buildings, based on interdisciplinary information, while ensuring that planning iterations can be carried out more cost-effectively, rapidly and with fewer errors. The aim is to integrate the model into the industry foundation classes of the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI).


The wood system construction industry must improve its competitiveness by finding further fields of activity in new constructions, renovations and extensions. To do this, planners and manufacturers of wooden constructions must be able to have comprehensive, rapid and error-free access to project information that is shared with other construction project participants. Previous data models have been limited to national or manufacturer-dependent individual solutions.
The research association has thus been working on an internationally viable data model. The aim of this subproject was to create the information technology platform required for the practical implementation of other subprojects.

The final report documents the procedure and the results achieved in both German and English. It is divided into three parts:
Part 1 Requirements: These describe the motivation for the project, the requirements for the data model and the integration of the DtH standard (a special model for wooden constructions) into the IFC (an internationally accredited model for building construction).
Part 2 Schema Reference: After introducing the basic concepts and terms, the data types for the "structural timber model" proposal are defined.
Part 3 Implementation Guide: This document deals with the issues of implementing the IFC and its wooden building extensions in CAD/CAE programs and explains the modelling of wooden constructions on the basis of some simple examples. Finally, the minimum requirements for the implementation of the structural timber model for selected application scenarios are proposed.

More Project Information

Project title:
Innovative wood system constructions as a result of optimised and integrated production methods: DtH product model - consistent data transfer to minimise consumption of resources (Part 3)

Project number: 0330424

Project period: 01.07.2003 – 31.01.2005

Project contact:
Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Osterrieder

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)