Hazardous Waste Treatment

Recycling process for mineral fibre materials to enable usage in the brick industry

The salvage to be used particularly stems from the wastes demolitions. The applied procedure offers for the first time the possibility of supplying particularly monitoring-needy mineral wool wastes to a pollutant-free utilization. 



In technical cooperation with consultants of the Bergbauakademie Freiberg and the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen a material way of recycling for artificial mineral fibre wastes (AMF-waste), requiring special supervision, has been developed and implemented within the scope of an operable pilot plant.

Meanwhile, the product of the invented process, Woolit®, is patented. In the first instance of the process, the AMF-wastes are hackled, milled, freed of contraries (air separation, magnet separation, sieving) and afterwards mixed with adequate additives (clay minerals and gelantine) and compressed to transportable portions.

The process is accepted by the responsible authorities. Several certificates – as demanded by the Umweltbundesamt – were able to show, that under the prevailing production- and system-dependent boundary conditions, the product Woolit® does not pose any dangers to the collective good. 

Furthermore, it was shown that the product Woolit® can not only be used in the brick industry noneffectively for health and environment, but rather improves the thermotechnical characteristics of the brick. For this reason there is an increasing interest of the industry in the product Woolit®. 

Moreover first results of pilot surveys with AMF – wastes containing asbestos could show that this material way of recycling may also be applicable for these hazardous wastes. For this purpose special adoptions of the recycling process and rebuildings of the plant accompanied by further expert monitoring would be inevitable, but could not be carried out with the granted subsidy. From an environmental point of view a further development towards this future task would be eligible.  

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Project title: Errichtung einer Anlage zur Verwertung von Mineralfaserstoffen als Porosierungsmittel in der Ziegelindustrie

Project number: UM-001194

Project period: Project completed: November 2003

Project region: Germany (Hesse)

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Frau Puder

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+49 (340) 2103 3067

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Source: Environmental library of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA)