Analysis of reciprocal reactions between waste and water

In addition to the characterisation of various types of water, reciprocal reactions between relevant waste and water samples have also been investigated. It has been established that, on the grounds of water solubility, filter dusts and flue gas scrubbing residues from hazardous and household waste incineration plants will not generally be suitable for immission-neutral landfill in underground facilities.



Mine workings in Germany have produced underground cavities, many of which are filled with wastes. It is intended that this practice for the utilisation or disposal of wastes should be extended to other sites. Precautionary measures will be required to prevent the contamination of groundwater in the host rock.


Following the analysis of a bibliographical search, and in order to provide a basis for evaluation, the characterisation of various groundwaters, mine waters and mineral waters in Germany has been undertaken. Thereafter, specific reciprocal reactions between selected waste samples and relevant water samples have been investigated in the laboratory.



  • Types of water which penetrate underground cavities may react reciprocally with wastes, and contaminants may be carried into the surrounding rock in solution.


  • The types of waste investigated (filter dusts/flue gas scrubbing residues from hazardous and household waste incineration plants) did not fulfil requirements for immission-neutral landfill. Depending upon the type of groundwater considered, the dissolved fraction of wastes showed a high content of easily soluble sulphides and chlorides, together with toxic heavy metals.


  • No general conclusions can be drawn. For the evaluation of a landfill site in terms of immission-neutrality, specific site conditions which will have a long-term impact upon underground landfill (type of waste, quantity and quality of groundwater, marginal geochemical conditions) must always be taken into consideration.

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Project title: Characterisation of mineralised deep groundwaters in non-saline solid rocks: investigation of reciprocal reactions with wastes in immission-neutral landfill sites

Project number: 02C0173/4, 02C0435/5

Project period: 1993 - 1996

Project region: Germany (Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia)

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Herr Dr. Brasser

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)