Development of a manual for the investigation of the ground beneath waste disposal sites

All the main results of this project are available in a ten-volume methodological manual, and through a knowledge-based advisory and information system. A comprehensive body of work is therefore available on ecologically effective and economically efficient methods for the sub-surface analysis of landfill sites and contaminated land.



The sub-surface rock strata of landfill sites and contaminated land prevent the escape of pollutants.  There is substantial demand throughout Germany for appropriate methods for the analysis of this geological barrier.

In the course of a complex research project, existing methods for the analysis and description of the sub-surface of landfill sites and contaminated land have been evaluated and subject to further development.

Key elements of work undertaken in this subproject were as follows:

  • The preparation of various manual volumes for the description of methods and tools applied;
  • The definition of recommendations for action; and
  • The establishment of a knowledge-based advisory system


  • Methods and tools employed have been described in the following manual volumes: “Remote geological sensing, Flow and transport models, Geophysics, Geotechnics/Hydrogeology, Clay mineralogy, Soil physics and Geochemistry”.
  • The recommendations for action published in Volume 7 range from geoscientific site criteria, methods for the analysis and description of the sub-surface, prognoses for site behaviour and advice on the award and performance of site analysis contracts, through to industrial safety.
  • The landfill sub-surface advisory system (DESY), which has been developed as a PC application, is based upon the Tool Book programming system.  This tool has been developed on the basis of the methodological manuals.


The results of this overall research project have been published by Springer-Verlag of Heidelberg in a ten-volume “Manual for the sub-surface analysis of landfill sites and contaminated land”.  In addition to brief descriptions of the individual volumes, the final report for this subproject includes a detailed presentation of the DESY user menu.

More Project Informations

Project title:  Methods for investigation and documentation of the ground beneath planned, operating and abandoned waste disposal sites: transformation of the results in recommendations (part 3)

Project number:  1460605B/3

Project period:  01.02.1995 – 31.12.1997

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)