Circular economy Indonesia: Sustainable recycling of landfill waste

The chamber of foreign trade Indonesia (AHK Indonesien) has carried out three projects on waste and recycling management.
In the first project an analysis of waste management in 6 cities was carried out and a workshop with representatives of these cities was organised. On this basis, the West Java region was selected for the follow-up project in partnership with the city of Tasikmalaya. The focus of the second project was the sustainable recycling of landfill waste. A waste analysis was followed by the presentation of technology options in combination with seminars for the administration and waste banks. A similar project is currently being implemented in the city of Banjarmasin. This project deals with the recycling of municipal waste with a focus on organic waste. An analysis of the composition of the waste will be carried out and a marketing and technology concept for Banjarmasin will be developed. Furthermore, a seminar on the potential for cooperation in the Indonesian recycling sector will be held in Jakarta.


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Source: PREVENT Waste Alliance