Mechanical-Biological Treatment

Analysis of the long-term behaviour of mechanically-biologically pre-treated residual waste

The emplacement, landfill, long-term, and emission behaviour of a landfill entity can be positively influenced with the mechanical-biological pre-treatment of residual waste. However, the ignition loss of stability properties and the TOC content exceed the current limit values for class II landfills.



In the framework of the overall project, “Mechanical-Biological Treatment of Wastes to be Deposited in Landfills,” the possibilities for biological stabilisation of residual wastes and their subsequent behaviour in the landfill were studied. At the centre of this sub-project were observations of material quality, waste-mechanics properties, as well as expected emissions of gas and water paths. 


The results should provide information on the behaviour of mechanically-biologically treated wastes in landfills. For this, the soil’s physical and mechanical properties were specially studied with respect to 

  • emplacement behaviour
  • stability
  • settlement behaviour
  • material transport (gas and water)


The assessment of the content materials in the pre-treated residual waste and its release mechanisms is performed using

  • chemical-physical analyses (leaching)
  • biological activity studies and
  • various simulation tests.




Mechanical-biological pre-treatment has a very positive effect on most of the stability properties, such as respiration activity, gas build-up, as well as the emplacement density of the wastes. 


The ignition loss and the TOC content in the solid also had significantly reduced content at the end of the tests. However, both values are above the currently required limits of TASi (Technical Procedures for Housing Waste) for class II landfills.


For the landfill post-care phase, the pollution of leachate is of special importance. The TOC contents attained (Total Organic Carbon) and TKN concentrations (Total Kjeldahl nitrogen) are significantly above the desired discharge values.

More Project Information

Project title: Long-term behaviour of mechanically-biologically pre-treated residual waste in landfills

Project number: 1490952/7 (TV 3/1), 1490987/6 (TV 3/5), 1490973/4 (TV 4/1)

Project period: 1995 - 1998

Project region: Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt)

Project contact:

Herr Dr. Kördel

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++ 49 / 2972 / 302 - 217


Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bidlingmaier

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++ 49 / 3643 / 584614

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)