Mechanical-Biological Treatment

Possibilities for the mechanical-biological residual waste treatment and the effects on the following thermal treatment

The mechanical-biological residual waste treatment technology, which has been developed and implemented on an industrial scale, results in the improvement of landfill conditions, the reduction of the volume of landfill required and the recovery of valuable materials. This technology can be combined with thermal aftertreatment. 


The pre-treatment of residual waste is required under the terms of both existing and forthcoming statutory provisions. Treatment technologies such as mechanical-biological residual waste treatment have the potential to fulfil a significant role in the achievement of environment-friendly waste disposal.

This project involved the conduct of various investigations in an industrial plant operated by the Gesellschaft für Umwelttechik GmbH, using a combination of three treatment stages during normal operation (U.T.G. concept).  The plant has an annual throughput of 150,000 Mg.

The object of this process was the identification of the possibilities and limitations of mechanical-biological residual waste treatment.


  • The sorting and preparation stages of the mechanical-biological residual waste treatment technology developed allow the simultaneous recovery of valuable materials, the improvement of landfill conditions and the reduction of the volume of landfill required.
  • Mechanical-biological residual waste treatment technology allows the application of an appropriate process technology stage for the separation of waste fractions for thermal treatment or recycling.  Grate firing has emerged as a flexible and reliable treatment process.
  • The concluding report, which runs to over 400 pages, includes a detailed description of results obtained for individual emission parameters, the analysis and balancing of individual material flows, and of the modification and optimisation of the plant.

Project Participants

Implementing Institution

ISIS GmbH Servicegesellschaft für Planung und Instandhaltung von Entsorgungs- und Industrieanlagen

Cooperation partner

Universität Potsdam

More Project Informations

Project title:  Possibilities for the mechanical-biological residual waste treatment according to the U.T.G.-Concept and the effects on the following thermal treatment

Project number:  1470980/9

Project period:  1995 - 1999

Project region:  Germany (Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia)

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)