Sewage Sludge Treatment

Preliminary investigation into the transposition and adaptation of the sewage sludge humification process to conditions in Thailand

Sewage sludge humification has been conceived as a low-tech process, and in consequence is particularly suitable for transfer to emergent countries. With the appropriate adaptation of process parameters, the transposition of this method to conditions in Thailand would appear to be feasible. Preparations for the operation of a pilot installation have been completed. 


In tropical emergent countries, the biological decontamination of municipal sewage will soon reach state-of-the-art levels.  However, problems associated with the treatment and recycling of the resulting sewage sludge will still remain.

Under technical and climatic conditions in force in Central Europe, sewage sludge humification has proved its value as an economically and ecologically unobjectionable process for the dewatering, sanitization and mass reduction of sewage sludge.

The object of this research project was the transposition and adaptation of sewage sludge humification technology to emergent countries in the tropics.  Work undertaken involved the analysis of practical possibilities for the implementation of this technology in Thailand, together with the investigation of the adaptive measures required for this technology transfer.  It was also intended that, as subsequent elements of this project, a site for a pilot plant should be identified and a full-scale industrial trial should be conducted.


  • The Phuket sewage treatment plant has been selected as the site for a pilot plant and the conduct of a full-scale industrial trial.
  • On the basis of operating data from this pilot plant, the feasibility of the process has been confirmed and process data have been established.
  • The application of sewage sludge humification in place of mechanical dewatering with the subsequent disposal of sludge as landfill can generate cost savings of up to 80%.

Project Participants

Implementing Institution

Prack Consult GmbH

Cooperation partner

Public Works Department

Ministry of Interior

Stadtverwaltung und Management der Kläranlage von Phuket

Marketing and Radiation Co. Ltd, Bangkok

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Project title:  Preliminary investigation into the transposition and adaptation of the sewage sludge humification process to conditions in Thailand

Project number:  0281261

Project period:  2000 - 2001

Project region:  Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), Thailand

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)