Biological Effluent Treatment

Development of a disposal technology for liquid manure with anaerobic treatment

The pilot plant has been operated under practical conditions for the processing of manure in a piggery. The combination of a biogas reactor with a root space installation has produced a closed process which is suitable for the degradation of excess nutrients associated with intensive animal husbandry and represents an economically acceptable manure disposal technology which requires no external input of energy.


The aim of the project was the development and the test of a technology for treatment of liquid manure with anaerobic processing and final cleaning with root zone technology.


  • For improving the anaerob decomposition of liquid manure different retention times were testet (sludge bed reactor). For retention times of 2 and 3 days the realized COD-reductions were more than 80 %.
  • The evaluation of root zone plant shows, that 20 Mg of nitrogen could be removed per year and hectare.


Therefore a technical application of root zone technology for nitrogen removel seems to be justified, expecially since a further umprovement of performance is likely to be expected.

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BTN Biotechnologie Nordhausen GmbH

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Project title:  Test of a pilot plant for anaerobic treatment of liquid manure and final cleaning with root zone plant

Project number:  02WA9606/0

Project period:  1996 - 1997

Project region:  Germany (Thuringia)

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)